We are 24:7 Group 

“We Make Things Happen”

We are a diverse group of entrepreneurial individualists and creative thought leaders who bring a collaborative archetype to work, with a singular focus on achieving results and giving clients’ access to world-class planning, production and transforming events into peak life experiences.

  • Urban Culture

    Urban Culture

  • The Wilderness

    The Wilderness

  • Taste of the city-Nairobi

    Taste of the city-Nairobi

  • The Green Generation

    The Green Generation

  • Safari Festival

    Safari Festival

  • Art of Jazz

    Art of Jazz

  • Artfest- Art in the wild

    Artfest- Art in the wild

  • Artfest awards

    Artfest awards

  • Corporate End Year Celebrations!

    Corporate End Year Celebrations!


As part of the 24:7 Group, 24:7 Group is related and has access to a number of diverse organizations both within and outside of the Events and Entertainment industry. Affiliated companies such as;
24:7 Travel – Premium concierge services, bespoke travel packages and luxury lifestyle experiences for individuals and corporate companies.
24:7 Delivery – Revolutionizing local deliveries and liberating consumers and businesses from traditional dispatch and time constrained services. 24:7 offers unique opportunities to extend and enhance the customer experience in ways unparalleled in the industry.