We come across promising opportunities in entertainment, leisure and hospitality on a regular basis. After a careful evaluation process our team of experts will work to realize new projects in order to grow and secure attractive returns.

The best way to get to know us and our unique style of experiential travel is by getting in touch with us. Our team of experts work hard to get to know each and every client and partner with them to design the ultimate itinerary.

24:7 Group currently manages experiential properties leased to tenants under triple net leases and rent. While it has a diversified portfolio of entertainment real estate, theatres' generate about 45% of its revenue. Eat-and-play locations are the next biggest revenue drivers at 23%, while other entertainment properties (ski, attractions, experiential lodging, gaming, cultural, and fitness/wellness) contributed 21%. The final 11% comes from its edutainment portfolio of private schools and early education buildings.