A virtual conference is a conference delivered via the internet, enabling presenters to collaborate with online audiences without attending in person.

How does it work?

Presenters use a webcam to connect with our webcast producer online. The producer then relays them into a webcast where an unlimited number of viewers can watch.

What You Get
  • Online virtual conference to unlimited participants without anyone having to attend in person.
  • Online consultation to assess your presenter's internet connection and video quality.
  • Professional online technical staff who will produce the virtual conference.
  • State of the art equipment, with backup hardware and internet connectivity at our virtual production facility, to ensure the success of your event.
  • Live webcast streamed in real time to your audience, and recorded for view-on-demand.
  • Collaborative chat feature.
  • Online hosting of view-on-demand archive for one year.
  • Unlimited audience sizes.